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Coding Productivity Features in Flash Builder 4.5 recording, notes, etc.

Yesterday I had the privilege of giving a session as part of Adobe Developer Week 2011, on the topic of “Coding Productivity Features in Flash Builder 4.5.” It’s pretty obvious from my recent posts that this is a topic that is important to me =).

You can now view the session recording (requires Adobe ID).

Many of the features I talked about are the same ones I’ve discussed in recent posts about Flash Builder 4.5, so you’ll find more information in those articles, although the presentation takes a much more hands-on “watch how I really work in the real world” approach.

In addition to the posts, I talk about my Flash Builder templates several times in the presentation. I updated them a few times in the last week in preparation for the session, and the latest version is now available on my GitHub account:

Paul Robertson’s Flash Builder templates on GitHub

Finally, if you’re interested in Flash Builder productivity, you’ll want to check out these articles and links for additional information, especially useful keyboard shortcuts: