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Notes from D-Flex "AIR SQLite for the real world"

Last week I presented to D-Flex (the Dallas Flex Users’ Group) on the topic of AIR SQLite for the real world. This is the description of the presentation:

Almost any real application needs to store data, and usually that means using a relational database. In the real world, building an application that uses a database is a complicated, even messy business. Complicated and messy mean slow and inefficient. This presentation is about the libraries, tools, techniques and workflow for developing AIR SQLite applications (learned through lots of trial and error) that help me work faster and better.

I won’t bother posting my slides because for the most part they were reused from my 360|Flex presentation ”AIR SQLite Optimization” (with some updating–mostly trimming content out).

I actually really enjoyed the presentation–I was comfortable enough with the material that I was pretty relaxed. That means I ended up sharing a lot of tips and bits of experience that aren’t reflected in the slides. Hopefully the recording will be available soon; when it is I’ll add a link here and I do encourage you to take some time to watch it if you want to learn some of the lessons I’ve learned about working with SQLite in AIR.

A big part of my presentation was describing (and showing) various libraries and tools that I’ve found useful in my AIR SQLite development. Rather than make everyone write them down, I promised to post them here (I’ve also included a couple that I didn’t mention but that are useful):