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About this site

This site (“Paul Robertson’s Words, punctuated”) is: - A whole bunch of words, - written (and punctuated) by Paul Robertson, - built using Octopress, which is in turn built on Jekyll, - using a design of my own creation, inspired by a pair of sleeper pajamas that belonged to my son (he was three at the time).

As you can probably tell by looking at my early posts, I began this site as a way to keep track of articles and sites that I wanted to be able to find again (it wasn’t linked to from my main site–really it was just my own personal bookmarks page. Eventually, my knowledge sharing instincts got the better of me and I decided to share a few of my own thoughts with the world. So, I moved the formerly hidden system to the front door of this web site.

About Paul

Currently I work for Adobe on the Developer Relations team. My particular area of focus is on documentation and learning content for ActionScript. I write documentation, create example applications, create code libraries. I also work on the learning content from a UX perspective, trying to make what we present and how we present it the best possible solution for ActionScript developers.

Previously I was a Sr. Interaction Designer and developer for Dedo Interactive, Inc. We create touch-based applications, mostly for custom hardware (table and wall displays) as well as for tablet and mobile devices.

My design/development/programming interests cover quite a wide range, so I try not to go much beyond that in my articles and posts. If you are my mother (or someone similarly connected to me) and want to know about other things that are going on in my life, you can read more (mostly stories about my kids) in my personal/family site.