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Useful Flash Builder "Burrito" keyboard shortcuts

Last night I was working through “Uncle” Bob Martin’s ”Bowling Game Kata” (thanks to John Lindquist for the link). I found myself going to my mouse a lot, doing things like switching between class and test case files and right-clicking to run tests. After slowing down too many times, I dug in and found a few keyboard shortcuts in Flash Builder “Burrito” that I think are very useful for a TDD workflow (or even for general development):

  • Ctrl+F6: Switch between editor tabs
  • Ctrl+F7: Switch between views (i.e. “panels”)
  • Alt+Shift+A F: Run all unit tests for the current project. (Note that pressing Alt+Shift+A actually pops up a little menu in the bottom right corner showing the command, so in practice you can just use Alt+Shift+A <Enter>
  • Alt+Shift+E F: Run unit tests for the active class. (In practice, you can just hit Alt+Shift+E <Enter>

I don’t actually think any of these are new in “Burrito” – I think they’re probably in Flash Builder 4 also.

If you’re interested in speeding up your development and reducing your mouse dependency, Holly Schinsky wrote an article on the ADC with several other (even more) useful keyboard shortcuts:

Flash Builder 4 shortcuts and debugging tips