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...and, I'm back!

I’ve been silent on this blog for a long time. There are several reasons for this:

  • Technical (the admin part of my Wordpress installation wasn’t working)
  • Content (there weren’t any new Flash Builder releases so I didn’t have any more Flash Builder-related things to write)
  • Career (I’ve been transitioning to doing a lot more Interaction Design work, so I’ve been doing more learning than having new thoughts to share)
  • Time (I’ve been busy with work projects, and some of my outside-of-work volunteer activities have gotten much busier, and my kids are getting older and needing more time – so overall my available time for writing has been much more limited)

In any case, I didn’t mean for this post to be an excuse for my silence. In fact, the title of the post isn’t actually meant to refer to me being “back” to writing on my blog. (Although I do plan to be doing more of that.)

Two years and a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a nostalgia-filled post about leaving my job at Adobe, moving to Texas, and starting a new job as an AIR application developer. Working for Dedo Interactive has been a very rewarding experience. I’ve gotten to work with some great people, on some of the most interesting projects being done right now (in my opinion of course). My employers have been great about working with me to find opportunities to work on projects that match my interests.

In spite of all that, for a time I’ve been feeling that I’ve achieved the goals I had for myself when I joined Dedo Interactive, and so I’ve been looking for a chance to move in some different directions. Fortunately for me, an opportunity opened up at a company that I know is a great employer, and I was selected for that opportunity.

As of yesterday, I’m now officially an Adobe employee once again. My new job is in the developer relations group, specifically in the team that is in charge of developer-related content such as the Adobe Developer Connection. (I’m in a sibling team to Michelle Yaiser and Brian Rinaldi’s team, and a close cousin to the evangelist’s teams.)

My specific area of focus is on the developer documentation and other instructional content (e.g. code samples, example apps, etc.) for ActionScript. Part of my job is to be one of the people who create that content (write documentation and create code examples). Another part (this is where the “developer relations” comes in) is to work with and in the ActionScript developer community to get and keep a deep understanding of how developers work, then use that understanding to design what content we present and how we present it. The end goal is for Adobe to provide the best and most useful instructional resources for developers.

In part this is similar to what I did with Adobe before. However, since this job is now part of Developer Relations, there is more freedom and flexibility to make significant improvements, and more support for working with real developers in the community, which are some of the things that I really wanted to do but were more difficult to do in the past.

I’m excited for the possibilities that this position offers. I’m excited to be working for Adobe again – they really are a great employer. Most of all I’m excited that I get to continue to work with ActionScript and the great ActionScript developer community, and that it’s an official part of my employment.