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Robotlegs training at 360|Flex DC

I’m presenting at the upcoming 360|Flex conference in Washington D.C., Sept. 19. (Yes, that’s in less than 3 weeks!) This time I’m very excited to be doing a training session on Robotlegs as part of the pre-conference training.

Robotlegs at 360|Flex

If you’ve got some ActionScript and Flex experience and you want to learn to use Robotlegs to build more maintainable apps, or if you’ve wanted to get started with Robotlegs but haven’t been able to get your head around it quite yet, then this session is definitely for you.

Since it’s a training session, I’m going to talk a bit about the concepts and theory of Robotlegs, but mostly we’re going to be walking through building an app using the Robotlegs MVCS implementation – the “standard” Robotlegs implementation. We’ll work through several examples of common app “tasks.” We’ll use several of the common “variations” of MVCS that are used in various sample applications, blogs, and the real world, and talk about the benefits and downsides of them. I’ve got a big list of common new-user misconceptions and problems that I’m working in to the presentation. Finally, time permitting, I’m hoping to spend some time covering how to use Signals in combination with Robotlegs, since I know that’s a combination that many people are interested in.

So, if you haven’t registered for 360|Flex yet, there’s no better time than the present. It’s always a great show, and many of my best experiences with the Flex/ActionScript/AIR developer community are linked to a 360|Flex conference. So, what are you waiting for – go sign up right now!

In case you’re curious about my experience with Robotlegs, here’s a little background on my history with the framework. I started following Robotlegs closely last fall, and started building my first apps with it in February. In March I was very fortunate to be able to collaborate with Joel Hooks as he prepared his Robotlegs training session for the previous 360|Flex – I learned a ton from that experience. Since then, I’ve been working full time developing apps using Robotlegs, so I’ve gotten lots of real-world experience with the framework. In addition, I’ve been following the Robotlegs knowledge base/question forum pretty much since it started, (lately I’ve even been contributing answers =) so I’ve gotten a good view of the common questions and problems that people run into while getting started and working with Robotlegs.