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360|Flex airport ride sharing

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I’m speaking at the upcoming 360|Flex (Washington D.C.) conference in late September. When I was booking my travel for the conference, I realized that the hotel location is pretty far from all three major airports in the D.C. area. The last time I went to Washington D.C. I used Super Shuttle to go between the airport and my hotel and I had a decent experience with them. I’m definitely going to be using Super Shuttle, but I thought others might be interested in saving some money by coordinating shared rides (on Super Shuttle or with people who are renting cars or live in the DC area).

Both surveys are set to close on August 31, but please fill them out as soon as you can so we can get the best prices.

In any case I won’t book anything without your explicit approval, so there’s no commitment for filling out the survey.

Finally, please tweet about this or share this with others who are going to the conference – it will be much more successful if more people respond.

Thanks in advance!