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Slides, examples, and links: Developing iPhone apps with the Flash Platform

Flash logo pointing to iPhone with presentation title

Last week I gave a presentation at 360|Flex 2010 (San Jose) on “Developing iPhone apps with the Flash Platform.” As always, I wanted to make my slides, notes, reference links, and example code available to those who were there and those who couldn’t make it:

Download slides, links, and example code (3.1 MB .zip)

I’ve been traveling since the conference so I didn’t flesh out my notes as thoroughly as I have for past presentations. If you have a question about a slide, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll try to explain it better. The 360|Flex folks recorded video of my presentation as well as a screen capture. I believe the plan is to make those recordings available to attendees as well as people who couldn’t make it (though they may charge a fee if you didn’t attend the conference).


This is in the slides, but I wanted to once again thank all the people who helped me prepare this presentation (some knowingly, others just by virtue of content they’ve shared):