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AIR SQLite library updates

A couple of people have reported a bug in my AIR SQLite utility library. I also recently used it to help build a Robotlegs demo app for the 360|Flex Robotlegs training, and in the process I discovered a missing feature I needed (namely, the ability to get back the SQLResult objects after running a batch of statements using SQLRunner.executeModify()).

Warning! To add the missing feature I had to introduce a non-backwards-compatible api change. Read the details in the project history.

So, the bug is fixed, the feature is added, the version number is incremented (0.1.1 beta), and the code and SWC are live on Github.

Download the version 0.1.1 SWC

Read about the changes

In conjunction with the release I also added a couple of new examples to the project page, including a “bare bones” code only example for quick starters, and links to an example of using the library in a Robotlegs application (the example app from the 360|Flex training).

Enjoy, and as always feel free to report problems as issues in Github or in the comments on the project page.