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"Adobe AIR data privacy and security" - slides, notes, links

On May 20, 2009 at the 360|Flex conference in Indianapolis I gave a presentation titled “Adobe AIR data privacy and security.” As I always do (and after a bit of a delay), here are the slides from my presentation. I’ve added fairly lengthy notes to the slides (I had to make the font smaller so they’d fit on the pages) so it’s more than just bullet points.

Adobe AIR data privacy and security slides, notes, and links (1 MB .zip)

As a side note for those who actually attended the presentation, in retrospect I think I over-emphasized the security concerns and didn’t emphasize enough that there are plenty of use cases for which AIR is definitely secure – especially in the case where you need to keep the user’s private data secure. Hopefully the notes that accompany the slides help to clarify this somewhat.

I also used and referred to a number of resources in my presentation, which are listed below. The download .zip with the slides also includes an html page with all these links.



AIR application installation

Modular applications

Local shared objects

[No links]

Encrypted Local Store

Local files

[No links]

Local SQL database (SQLite)