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Thoughts from 360|Flex day one

Here are a few things that stood out to me the most in this great day at the greatest Flex conference on the planet:

  • FlexUnit 4. Wow. Big update. Very nice new features. Time to get (back) into it. (presentation by Michael Labriola)
  • Renaun Erickson’s Structured Log Testing framework. Another great, unexpected surprise. I didn’t really have plans to go to this session except that Renaun’s such a smart, friendly guy. And frankly, I’ve never really had enough interest to take a look at his work on this project so far. Boy am I glad I changed my mind. This is definitely a testing approach I can get into – much less overhead than other approaches I’ve seen. Getting going with it is only barely more work than adding trace() calls. And the result is certainly infinitely more valuable.

Considering I didn’t come to Indianapolis with any real interest in hearing more about testing…I’m surprised to find myself so excited by what I saw today. Today is a great day for Flex testing, that’s for sure.

I also got to hear some interesting ideas and future plans from Jacob Wright and Tyler Wright. (They made me a bit jealous – I wish I had a Flex programmer brother that I could see at conferences.) If you’re in Indianapolis, I recommend checking out their “write-in” session on the Flight Framework at 10am Tuesday in the Illinois East room.

Other less code-centric, but interesting, tidbits:

  • Joe Berkovitz is an avid mountain biker.
  • Ben Stucki has a sweet five-year-old daughter who likes deep-fried calamari and pasta, although she wasn’t able to finish her macaroni and cheese at Buca di Beppo, where apparently even the child meals are sized to feed 3-4 people.