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Undo and redo in ActionScript textfields

As I’ve mentioned I’ve been doing a lot of AIR database work, so I’ve been spending literally hours a day working in my AIR SQL query runner app. The good news is that means I’ve been finding/fixing bugs and adding features!

One thing I’ve been wishing for the last week or so is undo/redo functionality as I’m editing query text. Coincidentally, I just found out that my 360|Flex friend Jac Wright has written a library for undo and redo in Flash Player (ActionScript) text fields. The previous link is to the Google Code project; here’s his introductory blog post about the “undo textfields” library. (via Tyler Wright via Gilles Guillemin/Twitter)

Admittedly I haven’t tried this yet, and I’ve asked whether it’s been tested in AIR so I don’t know whether it will actually be feasible as-is. But I’ve got my fingers crossed! =)