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Now updated: "Doppler" AIR SQL query testing tool

I just wanted to write a quick note to say that I’ve released an update to my “Doppler” AIR SQL admin tool. You can get it from the Doppler project page. (I’ve been working on an actual real application, one with a fair amount of database work, so naturally I’ve found motivation to fix some lingering bugs and add some missing functionality.)

As with previous versions, if you’ve been using the app you’ll need to uninstall it before installing the new version. Someday I’ll add updating support, but I’m not going to promise anything real soon.

Along with this release, I’ve also made a change to how I describe the tool, and to my future intentions for it. I’ve always had it in my mind to make this a full-fledged database admin tool, similar to the tools that come with SQL Server or other enterprise databases. However, time has obviously not allowed me to do that, and in the mean time other tools have been released by other developers. I’ve found one, David Deraedt’s “Lita” SQLite admin tool that is sufficiently mature that I use it in my day-to-day work now and it definitely beats doing things by hand! There are still improvements to be made and features to be added, but when I’ve reported bugs and feature requests he’s been quick to respond and release updates.

So while I’m sure nobody’s been holding their breath waiting for me to finish the “admin tool” portion of my app, I just wanted to clarify the new direction I’m taking it – or rather, the fact that I’m not planning to take it in as many new directions! (Hence the change in title for the project from “AIR SQL admin tool” to “AIR SQL query testing tool.”)

That doesn’t mean I’m done developing this tool by any means. In past jobs where I did heavy database development, and in a project I’m currently working on that involves heavy database development, I find it very useful to have two different kinds of database tools – one for creating and managing database objects and structure, and another for testing queries. While Lita does in fact have a tab for testing queries, I personally find Doppler to be a bit (not a lot, but a bit =) more developed in that specific area. On the other hand, Lita certainly does a lot in the db management space that Doppler doesn’t do. So I find the tools very complementary in terms of my actual development work.

As always, I welcome feedback, questions, thoughts, etc. And thanks to everyone who’s already reported bugs and offered suggestions!