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Please test: updated ActionScript GZIP library with Flash Player 10 support

Since I first created my ActionScript GZIP library as a test of Adobe AIR’s file compression capability, the number one request I’ve received has been to add support for Flash Player-only projects. With the release of Flash Player 10 last fall, I couldn’t use the lack of player support as an excuse any more. So now I’ve just been using the “not enough time” excuse…

But not any more. A few days ago I checked in a beta (barely tested) version of that adds support for Flash Player 10 (browser) projects. It’s not linked from the main google code project page yet, but you can get to it from the GZIP encoder project downloads page.

The download that adds Flash Player 10 support is “”. It now includes two SWC files:

  • GZIPEncoder_AIR.swc is the full package, with all the same features as the previous release (.1.0.2).
  • GZIPEncoder_Flash.swc is the Flash-Player-only version. It only compresses/uncompresses ByteArrays, and doesn’t have any support for files.

    Of course, since Flash Player 10 also adds local file opening/saving support that uses ByteArray data for the files, you could easily write your own code to prompt the user for a gzip file, or compress a file and prompt the user to save it. For an example of opening and saving files from Flash Player 10, see my quick start article: “”

As I implied when I described this as “beta (barely tested)” I haven’t done a lot of testing of this code yet. I don’t actually anticipate that there will be issues – really all I did was refactor the code into two classes instead of one – but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any issues, of course. =) If you’re interested, and especially if you’re one of the people who’s asked for this support, I would love it if you try it out and let me know how it works for you. If you’re willing to test it out, I’ll be happy to quickly make any fixes necessary.