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360|Flex slides for "AIR SQLite: An optimization conversation"

Updates (Oct. 30, 2008): The video of my presentation has been posted, so I added a link to it at the bottom of this post. Also, I just learned about another AIR-based SQLite admin tool which looks interesting, so I added it to the list of resources even though it’s obviously not discussed in the presentation.

As I mentioned briefly before, this week I presented at the 360|Flex San Jose (August 2008) conference. My presentation was titled “Adobe AIR SQLite: An optimization conversation.” As I mentioned in the presentation, the term “optimization” could mean a few different things – for example, optimization meaning improving performance, or optimization meaning improving developer productivity. While my presentation focused mostly on the first type of optimization, I included suggestions for tools, libraries, and strategies that fall in the “developer productivity” type of optimization as well.

Anyway, as always I’m happy to make my presentation materials available. Here are the slides (with some notes) from my presentation:

“Adobe AIR SQLite: An optimization conversation” slides (PDF in .zip - 504kb)

I don’t really have any specific code examples, apart from what’s in the slides, so there’s no “source code” download. However, I did link to a lot of external tools and resources (including a few of my own). To save you the trouble of digging into the PDF, here are the links:


Application architecture/patterns/libraries

Finally, as you may have heard, Adobe sponsored the recording of every presentation at 360|Flex, and they’re all going to be made available free of charge via a channel in Adobe Media Player. They’re rolling them out in phases, and mine isn’t available yet. When it is, I’ll update this post with the video as well. Update: the video is now available on Ted Patrick’s blog as well as in Adobe Media Player.

In the mean time, 360|Flex was full of awesome presentations. I wasn’t able to get to all the ones I wanted to see, due to conflicts and me trying to finish up preparation for my presentation. So I’m going to be spending some time watching many of those videos as well. If you’d like to see the videos, Ted Patrick has posted instructions on his blog:

How to view 360|Flex San Jose 8/08 session videos in Adobe Media Player