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XML-RPC Client Library for ActionScript

Current version: 0.3.1 beta

This is an XML-RPC client implementation for ActionScript 2.0. The usage is very similar to the Flash Remoting for MX 2004 ActionScript 2.0 components, so it should be pretty easy for anyone with Flash Remoting experience to learn to use this library as well. (It shouldn’t be hard for others to learn to use it either – I just wanted to build it to follow a well-established pattern for calling remote methods in ActionScript.)

In addition, this library provides a base class which can be extended to create your own strongly-typed “service” class, which will allow you to have compile-time type checking while using this library – an extra bonus for those of you (like me) who really like compile-time type checking.

You can:

I want this to be useful (and improved upon), so it is being distributed under a pretty open license – the most noteworthy clause is that if you improve the code (of this library specifically), you should pass those improvements back to be included in the core distribution (sort of like LGPL – you don’t have to share any code that isn’t specifically a modification to this library).

Please use the comments section of this page or contact me directly to leave feedback, comments, bug reports, etc. As bugs are fixed, the comments will be updated.