Current version: .3.1 beta

As you likely know if you are interested enough in these classes to download them, XML-RPC is a simple, cross-platform mechanism for invoking remote methods. For ActionScript developers, it can provide an easy alternative approach to client-server communication. XML-RPC is somewhat comparable to SOAP web services but simpler in its implementation and in some ways more limited in the breadth of its functionality (i.e. it doesn’t have the same discovery and description capabilities available in SOAP, but it doesn’t have the overhead from them either!).

This class library is an XML-RPC client implementation for ActionScript 2.0. You can use it in your code to call remote XML-RPC methods provided by any XML-RPC server implementation.

So in summary, XML-RPC is a fairly common, fairly simple way to expose methods to be called remote over http without extra complications or overhead. The XML-RPC standard, as well as lists of implementations and resources, are maintained at


The code was written entirely by me (at least so far), but these sources gave me valuable insights in designing this library: