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360|Flex Denver ride sharing

Update April 4, 2011: In response to this post, Super Shuttle contacted me directly and offered to set up a group discount rate for 360|Flex. The biggest benefit of the group rate over doing a ride share is you don’t have to worry about coordinating with others (and waiting around, if you’re the first in your group to arrive). The discount price is about the same as what you’d get if you are able to get 3 people sharing a ride together both ways–so it’s not unbeatable but it’s pretty good. I’ll still leave the survey up but you’re probably just as well off by signing up for the discounted rate with Super Shuttle.

Last year I organized ride-sharing between the airport and the 360|Flex DC conference. It worked out pretty well and I at least thought it was convenient, so I’ve decided to do the same thing again this year for the 360|Flex Denver conference (April 10-13, 2011).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out the 360|Flex Denver ride-sharing survey to tell me when you’re flying into and leaving Denver
  2. I’ll find people who are arriving and leaving about the same time and I’ll send you an email so you can get together and coordinate a ride. (One email for your “arrival” group and one for your “departure” group.)
  3. You can arrange the ride however you want, but I generally recommend using Super Shuttle. I’ve used them before and had good success. A ride from the Denver airport to the conference should be about $33 for the first person plus $9 for each additional person. (So you can see there’s a big benefit in getting together with other people if you split the total cost evenly.)

That’s it! I look forward to seeing you at the conference!