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Slides and files for "AIR, Windows, Menus, and the System Tray"

As I’ve mentioned before, a couple of weeks ago at the Webmaniacs conference I presented a session titled “Adobe AIR: Windows, Menus, and the System Tray” (and I also presented the same material in a partially different form over the course of two SilvaFUG meetings. The presentation covers those three aspects of Adobe AIR, specifically using Flex components when they’re available. The coverage is pretty thorough in the broad sense, plus it talks about many of the issues you might run into working with these aspects of AIR.

In all those presentations I promised to make my slides and code available. For those of you who attended my presentations these are a long time coming; for those who attended my session at Webmaniacs/Flexmaniacs, these are also somewhat overdue.

In any case, after deadlines, conference, and illness, here are the slides and files for my Webmaniacs session “Adobe AIR: Windows, Menus, and the System Tray” (and my two SilvaFUG presentations that were based on that session):

The .zip file contains three files and a folder:

  • Webmaniacs 2008 Slides for presentation.pdf: PDF “notes pages” printout of my presentation – each page contains one slide plus any notes that I added.
  • Exercises.pdf: Since this is a “hands-on” presentation I created this document that contains step-by-step instructions for all the exercises. Using this plus the files below you should be able to work through all the exercises for the session.
  • Code Snippets for exercises.txt: While all the code listings for the exercises are available in the PDF, a few of them are really long. In any case, if you’d rather copy and paste instead of type as you work through the exercises you can get the code from this file.
  • Exercises_workspace_start/: A Flex Builder workspace with the “starting state” of some of the exercises for the session. Most of the exercises just start from a blank screen or continue a previous exercise, but for a few I set up the UI ahead of time to save time, and those files are in this folder.

Enjoy! As always, please leave comments and feedback.