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Upcoming presentations on AIR Windows, Menus, and the System Tray

I have a couple of presentations coming up soon, and I haven’t been getting word out as much as I probably should have.

  • At the end of May I’ll be speaking at the Webmaniacs conference in Washington D.C. (May 19-23). I’m giving a two hour hands-on session titled “AIR: Windows, Menus, and the System Tray.” The session is being offered twice, on both Thursday the 22nd and Friday the 23rd. (And inexplicably, the Friday afternoon last-session-of-the-conference session is much more full than the Thursday one.)
  • In two days, on Thursday April 17, I’ll be presenting a “beta” version of the same presentation for the Silicon Valley Flex Users’ Group meeting. That meeting is being held at the Adobe San Francisco office at 601 Townsend St., from 5:30 - 9:30 pm. (I’ll be presenting for the first half of the meeting, then Luke Bayes will be talking about his “Sprouts” tool set for the remainder of the meeting.)

As I always do, I’ll be releasing the slides and source code for these presentations once they’re done. However, since my SilvaFUG presentation is just a “beta” version of my Webmaniacs one, I won’t release that one until after Webmaniacs is done. (Since presumably the Webmaniacs version will be the better flushed out, more complete one =)