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New Adobe Dev Center articles (Flash deep-linking and Flash CS3 DataGrid)

Several months ago I was asked to re-purpose two of my previous articles from this site for publication on the Adobe Developer Center (now renamed as the “Adobe Developer Connection”). The first one was published in September 2007, and the second was just published yesterday. So in a way this is sort of a revisiting of previous topics, but if you missed them before here they are in their new-and-improved form (or if you’re just really curious about me, you can see what I look like in my author photo on the articles =):

  • Deep-linking to frames in Flash websites (Sept. 10, 2007) - for this article I took just one of the techniques I described in the original article and added more background information and better explanations. (I’m sometimes amazed by how much detail I leave out when I’m writing posts on this site!)
  • Detecting when data is edited in the DataGrid component (Nov. 12, 2007) - this article was revised much less from the original than the other one. Basically I took the text and found places where I thought it needed more/better/clearer explanation, and added a sentence or revised the text. I definitely think the new version is better, but there isn’t any new information to be had if you read the original.