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An introduction to AIR (for co-workers or bosses who don't get it)

If you’re trying to help other developers (or yourself) get a better understanding of what AIR is and isn’t, with nice information for decision-maker types (e.g. if you’re trying to explain AIR to your boss) look no further than the November 2007 issue of Dr. Dobb’s Journal. In that issue, Oliver Goldman, one of the senior engineers on the AIR team, has an article introducing/describing AIR. I think it does a great job covering the bases of what AIR is, how developers can use it, and how it can be integrated (and secured) in an enterprise setting. It’s got some depth – it’s too long for a 5 minute or less overview – although it’s not a tutorial nor is it technical in the sense of including code samples or anything like that (which surprised me since Oliver is an engineer – but, as I’ve learned, he’s also a great writer.)