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Flash 8 Advanced: sample chapter on Adobe design center

In case you’re curious about scripting sound in Flash 8 ActionScript, or you just want to see a sample of a Flash book, Adobe recently posted a sample chapter (well, actually half a chapter) from my book “Macromedia Flash 8 Advanced: Visual QuickPro Guide” in their site’s design center.

The chapter that was chosen (I’m not sure whether Adobe or Peachpit selected this particular chapter) is Chapter 9, which covers sound control in ActionScript. This chapter is actually mostly the work of co-author Russell Chun. While I updated the code for the exercises to ActionScript 2, and made relevent updates to the text for Flash 8, the main ideas for the examples and much of the text were not written by me. (But don’t get me wrong – it’s still great information – I just want to give credit where it’s due.)