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Users' group presentation "Flash to external data communication"

Update: I’ve now posted a link to the slides, notes, and examples.

In case you’re in the Bloomington, Indiana area, or if you’re just curious what I look/sound like… =)

Next week (May 24) I’ll be the presenter at the IU Multimedia (formerly Macromedia) Users’ Group’s May meeting. My presentation is titled “Flash to external data communication.” Here is the description from the meeting announcement:

One key element in moving beyond the “isolated individual” interactive experience is having a way to load information from an external source and save information to share with others. Even when building a purely standalone project, the ability to dynamically load information provides a low-maintenance solution for keeping content updated. This presentation will provide an overview and examples of the many ways to get data from an external source (e.g. a server, text file, XML, or database) and send data to a server using ActionScript.

IUMMUG welcomes H. Paul Robertson back to the podium for our May meeting. Paul is always engaging and regardless of the topic he always has plenty of value to share for beginners and experienced developers alike. Join us in person or on line for this informative and valuable presentation.

I plan to cover a range of topics in ActionScript 2.0, and hopefully at least touch on some Flex 2 and ActionScript 3.0 examples too (since that’s almost entirely what I work in now).

As the description suggests, you can attend in person (of course) or via the live Breeze meeting. Location and other details are available in the meeting announcement.

I plan to post my slides/notes/code examples after the presentation, for those who attend or those who can’t make it.

And as a side note, apologies for the non-tutorial or resource post – it’s a change from my usual, for sure.